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 About the handling of your personal data

With regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), here is our data protection policy regarding handling of personal data (such as name, address, place of residence, phone number, and e-mail address).


Information to the public

We do not use your personal data in our records for anything other than our legitimate interest: informing you about Jouper Design's activities, while using only official communications channels, such as website, mail and social media. Your personal data will not be forwarded to third parties.


Information to special stakeholders

We do not use your personal data in our records for anything other than fulfilling our legitimate interest in informing you about Jouper Design's business, through reaching out with newsletters or press releases to specific stakeholder groups. We will save your information in our registry until you cancel.



We save your personal information in order to handle your purchases according to the legal completion of a sales agreement. Data such as name, address and phone number, which are used when purchasing (for example, in quotations and deliveries), will be stored in accordance with the Accounting Act. You may always request that we remove your information from our registry. However, if they are not left, we may be forced to deny you the purchase.


Contact us for data protection

You may always request that we correct incorrect information or delete your information from our registry, at any time. Contact us at


This data protection policy is a live document and content may change. The latest version is always available on this site. Data protection policy was updated by 2018-05-24